Creative developers.

What we do

Software development on various platforms. We carefully choose the best suitable technologies for every new project to provide the best performance possible.

Let's begin with analysing your case and designing appropriate technology stack along with ecosystem architecture. Coding of backend services, a website and maybe a mobile app follows. A little of polishing after thorough testing and the top of the cake? A 3D visualisation of your world between ones and zeros?  


Careful architecture design of the entire ecosystem or a small mobile application can become invaluable in later coding fever.


Our speciality from the beginning of times. Designing and coding of a stable, reliable and performant backend services is our bread and butter. Also a wish of every customer. And our greatest privilege.


Everything is getting smaller. Everything needs to fit in your pocket or wrap your wrist. Mobile applications can be very ambitious and demanding the latest technological innovations. And so are we.


A ton of data is nice to have. A tool able to visualise them is even nicer. Let's move your assets to the third dimension and enjoy the view.


EPK Technologies s.r.o
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Czech Republic 

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